Time for an Oil Change! It’s National Tune-Up Day!

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When is the last time you got your oil changed? If it’s been a while, today is a great day to call Durabild to schedule an oil change. And because today is National Tune-Up Day, there are a few other things you should have checked while your car is with us. The best way to keep your car running for as long as possible is to keep up with regular maintenance.

Here are the other things you should check on your car when you get an oil change.


Other Fluids

Oil isn’t the only fluid that your car needs to run smoothly. Your radiator, transmission, power steering, and brakes all rely on fluids to work properly without causing damage to your car. If these fluids are low or need to be flushed, you may not notice until they cause a problem. The best way to stay ahead of those issues is to check those fluids regularly.


Belts and Hoses

While you don’t need to replace your belts and hoses nearly as often as your oil and other fluids, you still need to keep an eye on them. Anytime you or your mechanic is looking under the hood, take a look at the serpentine belt. Multiple systems rely on the serpentine belt to function, and your car just won’t run if it breaks. Check your hoses for cracks or other imperfections as well, and replace any before they cause damage.


Headlights and Taillights

Most newer cars will tell you if one of your lights is out, but you should always check in case there is something wrong with the sensors. You don’t want to get pulled over for having a light out, so it’s best to check.



No matter how careful you are about your tires, the tread will wear out eventually. Even if your tread is okay, check your tire pressure. It can change with extreme temperatures, so if it’s been a while since you’ve checked it, it’s smart to have a look.


Get an Oil Change and a Tune-Up at Durabild

There are many other systems that keep your car on the road, so you should have a mechanic you trust check them out periodically. When you bring your car to Durabild for an oil change, ask us to give it the once-over while we’re at it.


Contact us at (603) 883-1030 to schedule a service for your car today.

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