Signs of a Bad Alternator From Your Nashua Mechanic 

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Have you been experiencing weird things happening to your car while driving? Some mechanical or electrical issues are easier to diagnose than others. If you’re concerned that your alternator is failing, your Nashua mechanic at Durabild Transmissions can help diagnose and repair your vehicle. Read more for insight on how an alternator works and the signs that it’s starting to fail!


How do alternators work?


An alternator is one of the essential components of your vehicle that makes it run smoothly. The alternator is what generates power! Your battery starts the engine, and your alternator continues to create and supply power to all of the electrical components. This is why you can begin to notice issues when it starts to fail. They typically can last between 10 and 15 years before requiring maintenance. Now, here are the signs and symptoms of a bad alternator.


Slow Electrical Components


Slow or lagging electrical components are one of the easiest signs to spot. Very dim or flickering headlights, slow windshield wipers, or the radio cuts in and out are all common occurrences when your alternator is not functioning correctly. The alternator is the component that supplies the power to your electrical components. Therefore, when the alternator struggles to maintain power, these peripheral units start to slow and not work correctly.


Weak Battery


Sometimes the battery in your car can fail on its own. That’s another issue. But, a failing alternator can cause the battery to drain and not recharge. If this is the case, when you jumpstart a vehicle to get it started, the car will immediately die after starting. If it continues to run after the jumpstart, it means the battery was dead, and the alternator is most likely fine.


Stalling Car


When the alternator starts to fail, the engine itself can begin to stall. If there’s not enough power for the spark plugs to keep the engine going, it can stall out randomly while running. Depending on the circumstances, this can be dangerous. If it has reached this point, your car could struggle to start, or it may not even start at all.




A lot of different mechanical and electrical issues can create weird noises. But, the bearings and other moving parts inside the alternator can start to make grinding or whining noises. If you notice this, along with the other issues mentioned above, it may be linked to alternator issues.


Engine malfunction warning light control in car dashboard. 3D rendered illustration. Close up view.


Choose Durabild Transmissions for your Nashua Mechanic


When it comes to your alternator, diagnostics and knowing the correct maintenance schedule for your vehicle can be tricky. Because of this, relying on your trusted Nashua mechanic, Durabild Transmissions, is always the best bet. At the first signs of anything usual, give our team a call to schedule your appointment for alternator repair at (603) 883-1030!


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