Safety Tips For Winter Driving from your Nashua Mechanic

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Driving in the wintertime is exponentially different, especially in New England. At Durabild, our team of highly trained professionals know the importance of keeping your vehicle in peak condition. That is why we do it all, from brake repairs to auto diagnostics. Here are some tips for how to drive more safely this winter from your local Nashua mechanic.


Don’t Slam on Your Brakes


It almost feels instinctual to slam on the brakes when we start to skid on a slippery road. However, pumping your brakes is a far more effective tactic to stop sliding. Instead of holding down the brake pedal, press down and release your foot. Do this continually, the way you would press a button over and over quickly, until you have traction. This will help your car get better traction and allow you to avoid wearing down your brake pads.


Leave Enough Space Between Cars


While we understand that it’s easy to accidentally tailgate, it is one of the most problematic habits in the winter. When the roads are covered in snow it’s more important than ever to give yourself ample space between yourself and the car in front of you. By doing so you allow yourself more reaction time to adjust to drivers around you and therefore reduce the amount you will need to brake. This will not only keep you safer but will prolong the life of your brakes as well. 

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Slow Down Gradually


Whether you are approaching a stop sign or a busy intersection you should allow yourself more time, especially in the winter, to come to a complete stop. As you get closer to the intersection, simply take your foot off the gas well beforehand. Then begin very lightly pressing your breaks. By giving yourself ample time to stop you considerably reduce the risk of getting in a fender bender or slipping through the stop sign.


Visit your Nashua Mechanic 


Making sure that your vehicle is in ideal condition should always be a priority, but even more so in the winter months. By stopping by to see your Nashua mechanic you can keep your car running smoothly and efficiently. Here at Durabild work to give you both quality workmanship that can stand up to the rigors of winter weather. 

Contact Durabild today or stop by at 46 Lowell Street in downtown Nashua, NH to schedule an appointment. Our Nashua mechanics will make sure your vehicle is winter-ready! 

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