The transmission lines of my 2008 Lincoln Navigator went from good to bad to worse in moments. Skip is the greatest and saved my life. He walked me through the process and kept me informed throughout. The lines were back ordered but Skip used his superpowers to secure them and got me back on the road. Got transmission issues, see Skip. Got engine issues, see Skip. Got automotive issues, see Skip. Looking to get raked over the coals and pay dealership pricing, don’t see Skip.

Emmanuel G.

So I brought my F350 had some vibrations on the rear split driveshaft that I just had replaced I have a 2000 F350 with a 12” lift 40” tires done my research no expenses spared ! When I broke the driveshaft on the road they just replaced the rear part of the shaft! When SKIP saw it he said let’s pull the driveshaft and start it up ? With in 10 minutes he diagnosed my problem the front part of the shaft had a slight bend you couldn’t see until we started the truck and there it was ! Skip recommended gettin the whole driveshaft replaced and recommended GILBERT DRIVE LINE MANCHESTER from what I had heard the best around! End result was perfect no vibration! I also had my truck gears changed there we went with 488 gears with lockers the truck came out perfect ! Skip will tell you straight up what it’s going to cost ? Word of advice don’t go the cheap route If you can help it ? Thanks again skip for all the help !

bill s.

Skip and his crew rebuilt my transmission in May of 2015 to the tune of $2,200 (which included a warranty). The car ran great for ten months, until something went wrong with the transmission in March of 2016. I dropped the car off with Skip at noon on a Tuesday and had the car fixed and back to me less than 24 hours later – free of charge. The component that failed required the transmission to be dropped, disassembled and then reassembled. I know for a fact that things don’t always go right in the automotive repair business (never mind the sorcery involved with automatic transmission repair), but you don’t remain in the business for 36 years from performing bad work or not taking care of your customers. These kind of local, independent shops are quickly becoming a thing of the past, so I highly recommend this shop for any of your repair needs.

Matteo V.

Had to get my accord repaired, brought it to skip who was very helpful and seemed to take a lot of pride in his work. This particular shop has been around longer than I’ve been alive so I figured they couldn’t be to bad! Took a week to repair my transmission and it seems to be running good so far! came with a warranty as well, no complaints from me.

Bob S

Honest and friendly! Can’t ask for anything more. Brought in a truck that wouldn’t shut off, they identified a short in a wire and within a couple hours it was fixed.

Colin L

I wish I would of found this business long ago. The most helpful, honest automotive business I have ever met. Will be going here again for my automotive needs.

Jason B.

Skip is one of the best in the business! My family has been going to him for almost 20 years(that’s how long he’s been doing this!!). He is always very nice and up front about problems. No beating around the bush! I had my clutch done on my 2004 Subaru Impreza and it came back smoother than it was from the factory. My father had his transmission rebuilt in his f350 desiel at 125k and the thing turned 350k then we sold it still running. I was very impressed with all his work and would recommend him to any one.

josh t.

Great service at a good price. Wealth of knowledge and fixed right the first time.

Clayton M.

Honest Work at Honest Prices. Best work around for all car needs. Can’t get better business than them!

John E.