Planning on a road trip this summer?

Our team at Durabild wants to help make your adventures this season memorable while hitting the road. Having your car pre-inspected could alleviate any stress about trip preparations and prevent the need for auto repair while on vacation. 

To ensure your vehicle is safe and ready for upcoming excursions, have your car professionally inspected by Durabild in these critical areas. We will always have our customers’ backs; pre-inspection prevents more expensive repairs unforeseen in the future. So let us continue to make unforgettable experiences this summer while on the road!



Healthy tires result in road safety, efficient fuel, optimized tire health, proper air pressure, and the overall well-being of your car and its passengers. Make sure to have your spare tire inspected as well. 

  • Rotated Tires

Tires should be rotated every six months or once every 5,000 to 8,000 (approximately every time you get your oil change). We recommend getting your tires rotated if you haven’t in a while.

  • Tire Alignment

If you have hit a curb or pothole, your tires may be damaged and misaligned, which can cause them to pull to one side of the road. Also, if you can see your steering wheel tilted when it should be straight on the street, your car might need further inspection. 

  • Tire Pressure

Your car can get heavier with added luggage for a trip, and under-inflated tires significantly reduce your car’s fuel efficiency and tire quality. 


Headlights & Tail Lights

Ensure your headlights are functioning correctly, your tail lights are working when using the brakes, and your lights are not out. Take note if they are foggy or dim. Hazy lights could indicate that should replace your battery. 

Car Battery

A battery replacement can ruin your trip significantly if you can’t jump your car.

Oil Change

Clean, filtered oil will prevent your car from overheating and from damage from particles in old, dirty oil. 


Worn-down brakes can cause another safety issue while on your road trip. It is natural for them to wear down over time.  You should replace your brakes once every 20,000 to 60,000 miles. 


Other areas to look out for before hitting the road are your vehicle fluids, filters, belts, and hoses.   


To schedule your pre-inspection or routine auto repair with Nashua’s most trusted auto shop, contact Durabild today at (603) 883-1030.

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