Nashua Oil Change: Get Your Car Ready for Spring

nashua oil change

You made it through the winter, and now you’re ready for spring, but is your car ready? Getting your car out of winter mode and ready for spring involves more than just a Nashua oil change. At Durabild, we can provide the maintenance your car needs in every season. Here are some simple car maintenance tips that will help you get your car out of the winter and ready to drive this spring.

Spring for the carwash

Winter in New England involves lots of salt and sand that builds up on your car and causes corrosion on the body and undercarriage of your car. A carwash may seem like an unnecessary expense, but if you go to a carwash that can wash your car’s undercarriage as well as the body, that will stop the salt from the winter roads from corroding your car and extend the lifespan of your vehicle.

Check your tires

If you switched to winter tires, now is the time to switch them back. If you stick with all-weather tires, check your tire pressure. Fluctuations in temperature affect your tire pressure; it can drop by about 1 PSI for every ten degrees the temperature drops. Your tires don’t leak that air; the air condenses in the cold and decreases the air pressure. Now is a good time to rotate your tires, too, if that’s something you neglected over the winter.

Test your battery

Your car battery has to work harder in the winter and can lose its charge in freezing temperatures. Bring your car in to have it tested and replaced if necessary. Even though you’d rather be stuck with a car that won’t start, we are sure that you’d rather not be stuck at all. A battery test is a great way to ensure your battery survived the winter.

Check your fluids

Changing temperatures and regular use probably affected your fluid levels this winter. Cleaning all the salt and sand off your windshield will have used up a lot of your windshield washer fluid. Top that off so that you’re ready for whatever gets splattered across your windshield this spring. While you’re at it, check your coolant and antifreeze levels and refill or flush and replace them if necessary. And, of course—the message you expect from your Nashua mechanic—change your oil! Cold temperatures thicken motor oil, and your oil filter is sure to be full of the crud your oil has been picking up from your engine all winter.

Nashua Oil Change at Durabild

Ready for a Nashua oil , or any other routine maintenance? Contact Durabild or stop by 46 Lowell Street in downtown Nashua, NH, to schedule an appointment today.

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