3 Things To Know About Your Transmission

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When it comes to your vehicle’s transmission, many misconceptions are floating around. As the top Nashua mechanic specializing in transmission rebuild and repair, our team at Durabild has seen and heard it all. All too often, people neglect transmission maintenance, thinking it’s less important than, let’s say, an oil change. It’s true that your vehicle’s transmission shouldn’t need as much attention, but it certainly requires some TLC every so often.

Here is a look at a few myths every vehicle should understand.



Most transmission fluid requires flushing – just like your oil.


That said, the answer is a bit more complicated. Unlike your oil that requires frequent changes, most vehicles can run 100,000 miles before requiring a transmission fluid flush. Key word being most. In some vehicles, the mileage drops as low as 30,000 for transmission TLC requirements. Then there are some vehicles with the transmission almost sealed shut, providing a lifetime solution that requires no fluid change at all.

The takeaway – consult with your trusted Nashua mechanic on the unique requirements of your vehicle.



High fluid levels do not mean your transmission fluid is in good condition.


While checking the transmission fluid can sometimes prove to be challenging, it’s a necessary job. And, unlike your oil, seeing that the fluid level is high doesn’t mean your car is in good shape. Instead, ask your mechanic to check things out next time you’re in for service.

By lifting the vehicle, your mechanic can thoroughly inspect the condition of your transmission fluid – not just the level. Often, small particles, metals, and other pollutants find their way into the reservoir and require removal. Keeping your transmission in tip-top shape now could save you thousands of dollars later.



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Transmission failure never happens without warning.


Like any element of your vehicle, a failing transmission hails many warning signs before failure happens. Below is a brief look at a few warning signs every driver should know.

  • Unusual odors coming from the engine. While this sign could mean various things – it’s never a good thing. At the first sign of any unusual, give your Nashua mechanic a call!
  • Clunking or excess noise is another indication of a problem. If you’re experiencing clunking when shifting gears, whining while driving, or bumping in neutral, there is most likely something going on in the transmission.
  • Hesitation when changing gears is generally a sign of a failing transmission. This is also true for slipping gears or not going into gear at all. However, the only way to know for sure is to visit your trusted mechanic in Nashua for an inspection.
  • Red fluid leaking from the front of your vehicle. Transmission fluid also has a “sweet” smell that’s distinct from other fluids.


When it comes to your transmission, diagnostics and knowing the correct maintenance schedule for your vehicle can be tricky. Because of this, relying on your trusted Nashua mechanic, Durabild Transmissions is always the best bet. At the first signs of anything usual, give our team a call to schedule your inspection (603) 883-1030!


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