Nashua Car Repair Tips from Your Local Mechanic

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Winters can be brutal in New Hampshire, and driving in wintry conditions can wreak havoc on your car if you are unprepared for the weather. Here a Durabild, we know the importance of keeping your car in peak condition all winter long. So if you are in need of a Nashua car repair this winter, look no further. Here are a few tips to get you and your car through the rest of the winter.


Check your battery

Freezing temperatures drain your car battery, diminishing its ability to start and run your car. Your car will still start if the battery is only half charged, but if you have a bigger engine or it is very cold, you risk your car failing to start. Stay ahead of your car repairs by bringing your car in to have the battery checked at least once this winter, especially if you park it outside overnight and the temperature drops below freezing.


Check your oil

Cold temperatures cause the fluids in your car to thicken and flow more slowly through the engine, and your engine may still fail to turn over even if your battery is well charged. Not all motor oils are the same; you’ll want a multi-viscosity oil that will still flow even when the weather turns bitterly cold. For example, the “W” in 5W30 indicates that the oil’s viscosity has been tested at low temperatures and is rated for use in winter.


Check your wiper blades

The blades of your windshield wipers that come in contact with your windshield are made of rubber which can crack in the cold or be damaged by ice buildup. With all the snow, ice, salt, and grime that gets all over your windshield in the winter, you use your wipers a lot this time of year. If your wipers leave streaks behind, it’s a good idea to replace them or at least clean them off to improve your visibility while driving. Keep an eye on the level of your windshield washer fluid as well; you probably use it a lot more often than you think to wash off the salt and sand that splatters into your windshield from the roads.


Nashua Car Repair at Durabild

Do you need any midwinter Nashua car repair? Contact Durabild today or stop by 46 Lowell St in Nashua, NH, to schedule an appointment.

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