Is It Time For A New Clutch?

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Car owners know that the clutch is a huge part of your vehicle. Without it, you can’t change gears or drive your manual car! Like most other components over time, the clutch can see wear and tear. If it’s time for Nashua car repair, come to Durabild. We’re the local experts in clutch repair. Now, here’s what to look for when you think your clutch is due for a replacement!


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How does a clutch work?


Three main components make up the clutch: the clutch plate, pressure plate, and flywheel. When the clutch is not engaged (not pressed), the parts press together, so the engine and transmission connect.


Thus, they’ll spin at the same speed. When you press the clutch, the plates come apart from the flywheel and pressure plate. This way, they’ll turn at different rates, so you can easily change gears without issue.


Signs you need a new clutch.


If your clutch fails, it will make your car nearly impossible to drive. Therefore, it’s best to take care of a clutch before that happens. Here are the warning signs of a worn-out clutch.


Burning smells


For new manual drivers, the heavy burning smell might be familiar. But that’s just part of the learning process. If you’re noticing a strong scent as you drive your car, there could be a more significant issue at hand. It’s common for clutch plates to wear thin over time and need replacement.


Gears slipping


Have you noticed that your car seems to be slipping out of gear into neutral? If this is happening without warning, there’s a good chance you have a problem. The clutch plate could be worn down and need to be replaced. Another common issue? Oil leaks can drip onto the clutch plate, which causes over lubrication and lead to slipping gears.


Sticky clutch


The clutch uses a hydraulic link system to get your car into gear. Over time, the pedal could get stuck closer to the vehicle’s floor, making it hard to press. There’s a lot of work that needs to be done to fix this issue, but it’s possible to make your car drive like new afterward.


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Nashua car repair at Durabild


A problem with your manual transmission is a problem you shouldn’t ignore. Think a clutch replacement is in your future? Consider the best Nashua car repair at Durabild. Contact us today to schedule an appointment at (603) 883-1030.


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