How to Prevent Expensive Auto Repair This Summer

auto repair

With the start of summer road trips coming up, it’s vital to ensure your car is performing at its best to get you and your family to your destinations safely. Our Nashua auto repair team at Durabild lists a few different maintenance checks you should perform on your car regularly to prevent damage and expensive repairs down the road.

Have your car professionally inspected by Durabild to keep it running efficiently and keep the good times and adventures flowing. Pre-inspection prevents more expensive repairs unforeseen in the future. So let us continue to make unforgettable experiences this summer while on the road!


Check Your Engine Coolant/Antifreeze

Your radiator and engine coolant are the most important defenses against your car overheating. Every month, simply pop the hood and visually check the fluid levels in the coolant reservoir. They should both reach the “Full” line. Older cars may require you to remove the radiator cap to check levels. If you have an older car or are unsure where your coolant reservoir is, check your owner’s manual, as every vehicle is a little different.


Change Your Oil Regularly

As oil heats up and cools down over and over, oil sludge builds up in your engine. This can block the flow of oil to parts that need it. If you have not been diligent about oil changes in the past, your car may benefit from an engine flush treatment. 


Pay Attention to Your Tires

Proper tire pressure protects your suspension by absorbing shock, it also improves mileage and saves on gas. Also check the tread on your tires by using an upside-down penny, if Lincoln’s head isn’t covered in any way, it’s time for new tires. Also, make sure you drive slowly and carefully over bumps and potholes to prevent suspension damage. 


Keep Your Gas Tank at ¼ Tank or Fuller

When gas levels are too low, your fuel pump has to work a lot harder. By keeping your gas tank at least a quarter full full, you can extend the life of your pump. 


auto repair

Nashua Auto Repair | Durabild

By checking a few important items in your car regularly, you can prevent long-term damage and keep your car running at its full potential. If you notice anything amiss, contact us today. 


To schedule your pre-inspection or routine auto repair with Nashua’s most trusted auto shop, contact Durabild today at (603) 883-1030.

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