Does Your Suspension Need Repairs?

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The suspension system in your vehicle consists of springs and shock absorbers that cushion the effects of the road. As you drive your vehicle down uneven roads, make turns, and come to a stop, the suspension system works to prevent damage over time. But as a result, the suspension and shocks can wear out over time and need repair. The crew at Durabild are the experts in Nashua auto repair. We can help you get your vehicle driving safely!


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What wears out the suspension?


The most common thing that wears out your suspension? Simply driving! As most New Englanders are well aware, the winter roads can be brutal. There are many roads filled with potholes, frost heaves, and bumps. Sometimes, you just can’t avoid them.


These more minor bumps add up to significant damage over time. As a result, your steering and stopping performance are affected! It’s essential to take care of your vehicle to avoid driving in unsafe conditions. Here are some of the warning signs that your car might need suspension repairs.


Rough ride


Does your vehicle feel rough to drive recently? Are your turns less smooth? Struggle to brake at a reasonable distance? There could be an issue with your suspension system. If you notice a bouncier ride than usual, it might be time to take it into the shop!

Pulling turns


Another common issue with bad suspension is pulling while turning. If your shocks are worn out, it could feel like your vehicle is drifting while making turns. Thus, the car is struggling to stabilize against the motion of the turn.

Nose diving


Nose diving refers to the motion of your vehicle while braking. If you have to make a quick stop, does it feel like your car is lurching forward? This could indicate that the suspension is wearing out.

Tire treads are uneven


Uneven could be a poor alignment, but also can mean your suspension is wearing out. If the tread is wearing off and unevenly, it could mean that your suspension is off. In other words, the four points of contact with the ground are at different levels.



Best Nashua Auto Repair – Durabild


Your suspension takes the brunt of the road. Therefore the parts can wear out and break over time. So if your vehicle feels rough or off, there might be a suspension problem at hand. For the best Nashua auto repair around, make an appointment with Durabild today at (603) 883-1030.

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