Brake Shop Nashua: Do You Need Your Brakes Serviced?

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Winter is over, and that means it’s time to get your brakes checked at your local brake shop Nashua! Your vehicle has driven you faithfully through slush and snow mixed with salt, sand, and debris all winter. And if you didn’t get your brakes checked in December, schedule your next appointment with Durabild! Here are two major brake issues that can arise due to winter driving. 

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Your Brakes & The Winter Elements

While safety is always important when driving, we can’t deny New England’s reputation for aggressive drivers. And if you’re stuck in crazy traffic and need to throw on the brakes, it is definitely worse in the winter when conditions are slippery and below freezing. 

As a result of constant braking in the winter, your vehicle’s brake pads may form cracks, allowing dirt, water, and cold air to get in. Cold air is never a good thing for your car, as this can freeze the brake lines and cause noticeable grinding and squeaking every time you step on the brake. 

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Your Brakes & Cold Air

After cracking sets in with your brake pads due to cold air, your vehicle’s number one nemesis, Rust, can start to form. Rust corrodes brake parts, among other things, on your car. This is even worse in the winter due to snow, slush, and salt, which speeds up the rusting process and reduces your vehicle’s braking performance. 

Did you know? Cold air attacks any rubber parts connected to the brakes. If left unchecked, these rubber parts will become brittle and crack, leading to brake fluid leaks. 

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Durabild – Your Local Brake Shop Nashua

If you’re worried about faulty brakes, rusted parts, or leaking brake fluid, we can help! Our dedicated car professionals will assess and diagnose the issue with your confidence in mind. Since 1970, our focus has always been on transparency, honesty, and exceptional customer service. Whether you need an oil change, clutch repair, or brake fluid checked, we are here to offer our expertise!  

If you need your brakes serviced this Spring, call Durabild! Contact us or stop by 46 Lowell St in Nashua, NH, to schedule an appointment.

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