3 Reasons to Rebuild a Transmission

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Have you noticed that your car isn’t performing the way it used to? Or maybe you just think that you can get more out of your engine than you’re getting right now. If you’ve already gone through the list of usual car repair suspects, the answer might be to rebuild the transmission. You always want an experienced professional to perform a car repair like this, which is why you should bring your car to the pros at Durabild.


Here are three reasons why a transmission rebuild might be the car repair you need.


Normal Wear and Tear

The most common reason for any car repair is normal wear and tear from age and regular driving. Over time, the gears and other internal components of the transmission wear out and become less effective, resulting in poor performance. Worn gears can also cause your transmission to perform poorly and require a rebuild. But there are other problems, including a malfunctioning solenoid, that can cause poor performance. Another common reason for rebuilding a transmission is that it has begun to leak fluid. This can occur due to a damaged seal or a crack in the transmission case.


Repair Damage from an Accident

If your car is in a collision, even a relatively minor one, there are several repairs you could need. When the damage extends to your transmission, there are a couple of things it could be. These include both physical damage to the transmission case or internal components or damage to the transmission’s control system. In either case, rebuilding the transmission is often the best way to repair your car.


Improve Performance

Wear and damage aren’t the only reason why you might want to rebuild your transmission. Rebuilding your transmission can improve the performance of your vehicle so you can get the ride you want out of your car. Ways to do this can include installing a performance transmission kit or making other modifications to improve the car’s power and acceleration.


car repair

Professional Car Repair in Nashua

Whatever the reason you need or want to rebuild your transmission, come to the professional and experienced technicians at Durabild. We handle all kinds of repairs and maintenance issues, from major projects like rebuilding a transmission or a minor car repair.


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