3 Reasons for Uneven Tire Wear

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Even the best tires won’t last forever. Driving carefully and keeping up with routine maintenance will help, but they will still wear out eventually. And when they do, Durabild is the place to go to get new tires in Nashua.

To ensure you’re not driving with tires with worn tread, you should inspect them periodically. You expect to see some wear, but your tires should wear evenly. If you notice uneven or unusual wear to your tires, that is often a sign that there is another issue with your car.


Here are three common causes of uneven tire wear.


Your tires are over or underinflated.

Every vehicle has a manufacturer-recommended pressure level. Setting your tire pressure to the correct PSI ensures that your car’s weight is distributed evenly and your tires are making contact with the road as they should. Newer cars have a sensor that will tell you when the pressure is off. However, if your car does not have this sensor (or it’s broken), you can tell if your tires are over or underinflated by uneven tire wear. Overinflated tires wear out in the middle because that area makes more contact with the road. Underinflated tires wear out at the edges for the same reason.


Your suspension is worn.

You may see dips in the tread of your tires. This is what we call “cupping.” This kind of wear occurs when your suspension is worn or damaged and your car bounces up and down, taking the bumps in the road harder than it should. Hitting a pothole or driving over a curb can damage your suspension, or it could just be that the components have worn out over time.


Your car is out of alignment.

If your notice tire wear on one edge, that is an indication that your car is out of alignment. When your car needs an alignment, the wheels lean too far to one side. The immediate result is wear to the edge of your tires in the direction your wheels are leaning. In the long term, being out of alignment can cause steering and suspension issues.


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Durabild: Nashua Tires and Auto Repair

Whatever the reason for your uneven tire wear, Durabild is the place to go in Nashua for tires. We’ll replace your worn tires and get to the root of the problem so that it doesn’t happen again.


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